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Why Mathison & Vos

At Mathison & Vos, PLLC, we are deeply committed to our clients throughout Minnesota to provide client-centered legal services in the areas of Estate Planning – Wills, Trusts, and other important legal protections; Trust Administration; Probate; Cabin Planning; and Elder Law.

Our mission is to provide timely, professional and affordable solutions to your estate planning and long-term care needs, and to ensure we partner with you every step of the way in achieving your long-term goals.

About Us

Our Process

Initial contact – by phone or email.

Based on your initial inquiry, we will send you a questionnaire to fill out prior to our first conference, gathering pertinent information that will facilitate our initial conversation.

We’ll then meet to discuss your estate planning goals or other concerns and help you determine the options available to you.
Leigh D. Mathison - Retired

Ruthanne Hedstrom Vos
- Attorney at Law

Ruthanne is passionate about her work to help individuals and families achieve their estate planning and long-term care planning goals, and is happiest when sitting down with clients and seeking to understand their unique circumstances.
Ruthanne graduated cum laude from William Mitchell College of Law (now Mitchell Hamline) and was admitted to the Minnesota Bar in May of 2012. While at William Mitchell College of Law she served as representative to the Minnesota State Bar Association’s Elder Law Council, and as Vice President of the Elder Law and Estate Planning Society.
She is an active member of the Probate and Trust Section and Elder Law Sections of the Minnesota State Bar Association, and serves on the Elder Law Section Education Committee, the Elder Law Governing Council, and serves as a co-author of Drafting Wills and Trust Agreements (Minnesota Continuing Legal Education).  Ruthanne frequently gives estate planning seminars and Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminars throughout the Twin Cities metro area and the Arrowhead Region of Minnesota.
Ruthanne has extensive business experience, having served as President of Travel Graphics International, a Minneapolis-based publisher of maps and travel promotional materials, and having owned her own communications consulting practice.  She received her undergraduate degree, magna cum laude, in 1983 from Gustavus Adolphus College, studying pre-law, psychology and business.
She divides her professional time between her hometown of Grand Marais and the Twin Cities metropolitan area.
Ruthanne and her husband, Jim, have two daughters, Stephanie and Ali, and her English Golden Retriever, Gus, is often close by. Ruthanne is an active member and volunteer of Westwood Lutheran Church in St. Louis Park, MN. Ruthanne loves spoiling her grandsons, traveling, entertaining, her monthly Book Group, all outdoor activities, and spending time with friends and family at her cabin in Grand Marais.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 218-387-9191
Mobile: 612-910-2338
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Practice Areas

Estate Planning click to expand

What is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning involves making decisions about how you would like your assets managed during your lifetime and how your assets are distributed at your death.

Do I have an “estate”?

If you own any assets – bank accounts, stock accounts, real property – you have an estate.

What age is appropriate for Estate Planning?

Virtually all adults can benefit from making decisions related to their estate planning.

Common events/milestones that trigger the need for Estate Planning include:
  • Marriage
  • Starting a family
  • Inheritance
  • Death of a spouse or child
  • A special needs person in your life
  • Medical diagnosis
  • Retirement
  • Planning for incapacity
  • Estate Tax (Federal or State) exposure
  • Gifting/Legacy Planning

Wills, Revocable Living Trusts, Cabin Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, Supplemental Needs, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives, Real Estate transfers, Asset Protection
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Elder Law click to expand

The “silver tsunami” is upon us. More than 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day. For example, Cook County’s median age is over 50 years old, placing Cook County in the top 4 (out of 87) counties in the state for highest median age, with Lake County not far behind.

As we age, we may face incapacity. Planning ahead for the impact of incapacity on our family and finances can help bring peace of mind along with greater financial security.

We at Mathison & Vos are committed to listening to your concerns, demystifying complex federal and state regulations, offering an individualized plan comprised of practical and affordable solutions, and working with you and your loved ones throughout the journey through the aging process.

Our firm has over 35 years’ experience in the practice of Elder Law and dedicate ourselves to stay abreast of the complex and ever-changing body of law(s) that comprise Elder Law.

Areas of focus:
  • Strategies for Paying for Long-Term Care
  • Medical Assistance Eligibility and Benefits
  • Minnesota Veterans Home Eligibility and Benefits

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Probate click to expand

Whether you have a Will or don’t have a Will, your estate may be subject to Probate – a court process to prove the validity of the Will and to provide for the distribution of assets to those entitled to receive them.

Mathison and Vos, PLLC can assist you in navigating the probate process in all 87 Minnesota counties, along with assisting you in all non-probate related matters, such as life insurance claims, medical assistance estate recovery, beneficiary redesignation, and gathering information for tax returns.
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Family Cabin Planning click to expand

"Cabin Culture" is alive and well in Minnesota, with over 122,000 "seasonal dwellings" within the state. If you are an owner of such property, you have probably given some thought to what you would like the future of that cabin to look like. Will it ultimately be sold? Do you want to pass it on to your family? Do you have a structure and a means in place to ensure that transfer takes place smoothly? Is everyone in agreement?

Transition planning for as important an asset as your cabin should not be left to chance. We, too, are "cabin people," and understand the myriad legal and emotional issues that are often involved. Let us help you make a plan for your cabin that makes good sense for all involved.

Revocable Cabin Trust; LLCs; Operating Agreements; Facilitated Family Meetings; Retitling real estate assets
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Trusts click to expand

Trusts are not just for the ultra-wealthy! We listen closely to your estate planning goals, review the composition of your existing estate, and will fully explain the advantages of a revocable living trust if we feel it may be an appropriate estate planning tool for you.

Revocable Living Trusts (single; joint; disclaimer; credit shelter); Special Needs Trusts; Supplemental Needs Trusts; Cabin Trusts; single asset trusts;
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Supplemental Needs Trusts click to expand

A supplemental Needs Trust is a trust created for a beneficiary with a disability and which supplements government benefits (such as Medicaid) rather than diminishing those benefits. With a Supplemental Needs Trust, a person such a family member establishes a trust for the disabled individual without jeopardizing the beneficiary’s eligibility for governmental assistance. The trust provides for reasonable living expenses and supplemental needs of a person with a disability when other benefits are not sufficient to provide adequately for those needs.

Leigh Mathison was instrumental in establishing supplemental needs trust law in Minnesota, by drafting a supplemental needs trust which was found by the Minnesota Court of Appeals to be “unavailable” for purposes of Medical Assistance eligibility. She then served on a Committee that drafted and worked for passage of a statute that allows the use of supplemental needs trusts in Minnesota.
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LLCs (Limited Liability Companies) click to expand

Depending on your unique situation, formation of a separate legal entity to hold some of your assets, for example, rental or investment property, to shield your personal assets from liability. Limited Liability Companies are often a good tool to provide this protection. We can help you assess the pros and cons of forming an LLC, in conjunction with your overall goals, work with you to form the LLC, and to title or assign assets to the LLC.
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Snowbirds/Residency Issues click to expand

With many Minnesotans choosing to spend the winter months in warmer climates, combined with the relatively high tax rates in Minnesota, questions about Minnesota Residency requirements (for tax purposes) often arise. We stay on top of legal issues related to Minnesota Residency and in turn can help you understand the requirements for tax residency (or severance) and Minnesota statutory and case law related to establishing or severing residency.
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Family Meetings click to expand

We understand that Estate Planning and Elder Law are complex areas of law that affect one’s entire family. Sometimes questions arise from family members that are difficult to answer on your own. Sometimes a family discussion is needed to address potentially sensitive or emotionally-charged issues in a neutral, professional and compassionate environment.

We are happy to facilitate a family conference at the request of our clients and to address legal issues important to your peace of mind.
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Planning for Pets click to expand

Pets are often a beloved member of the family, and our responsibility to provide for their continued care and comfort in the event of our disability or death is integral to our relationship with them. One method, only recently allowed by law in Minnesota, is to establish a Pet Trust, which lays out the legally enforceable arrangements for the care and maintenance of one or more of your pets in the event of your disability or death, to continue for the life of the pet. Through a Pet Trust, you are able to specify the intended caregiver(s) of your pet(s), and provide funds to underwrite their ongoing care and maintenance, in turn, providing you great peace of mind.
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Contact Us

Call for an appointment:
218-387-9191 (Grand Marais/North Shore)
612-910-2338 (Twin Cities Metro Area)

Directions to the Grand Marais office:
From the South:
Take Highway 61 to Grand Marais. Stay on Highway 61 Into Grand Marais. Our office is located on the north (upper) side of Highway 61 between 2nd Avenue West And 1st Avenue West, just past the Grand Marais Public Library and adjacent to Coldwell Banker North Shore. Ample street parking in front and nearby.


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RECORDED SEMINARS held though Cook County Higher Education:

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If you need to initiate estate planning, or update your existing plan, please call our office at 218-387-9191 and we will work with you to accommodate your needs.

Ruthanne and Karin
"Each time that I refer one of my clients to Ruthanne, I have full confidence that she will provide nothing less than remarkable work... a timely, well thought-out, personalized and thorough estate plan." (Twin Cities-based financial planner)
"I would highly recommend working with Ruthanne for your estate planning needs. She provided excellent guidance as I navigated through the process - she was a great listener, open to questions (of which I had many), and really helped me determine what I wanted done. Although estate planning may not be top of mind for those in their 30s, it is a great feeling to have my wishes documented and know my affairs are in order!"